The book and buttons are available to buy here.

Wearing the buttons

  • Consciously choose your button for the day or flip open the book to have a random i-ching experience.
  • Keep it private as you single-handedly bring this subself to your awareness.
  • Keep it in your pocket or bag to remind you not to lose focus.
  • Wear it on your lapel or anywhere to let others know you are self-deprecating, self-accepting, or trying really hard to quell this influence.
  • Some wear the buttons to elicit sympathy and support too!
  • Book a workshop where you can design your own buttons for a fun experience and/or training.

Our inner talk formulates into sub-selves
which we need conscious awareness of…
The Almost Happy badges wake us up
in the matrix through choice”.

Phil Jeremiah IV

“The Kaplans makes a crucial and accessible contribution to
time-limited psychotherapy.”

Ikwunga Wonodi, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry,
University of Maryland School of Medicine