What is Provocative Therapy?

Dr. Brian Kaplan explains the process [3’12”]

Provocative Tools

Farrelly developed a range of different therapeutic strategies to provoke change which he called ‘Provocative Tools’. This list has since been expanded upon by those who learnt from him. Jaap Hollander a Dutch student of Farrelly has produced a long list of what he has termed ‘Farrelly Factors’. Collectively there are over 40+ provocative strategies aimed at eliciting a paradoxically positive response.

We cannot reiterate enough that whether working with the general public or therapy clients, permission to be provocative should be agreed upon from the outset. Everything should be said with ‘a twinkle in the eye and affection in the heart’ – The Golden Rule of using Provocative Therapy.

Dr. Brian Kaplan explains 3 of the tools:

“Whats Wrong with That?” [1’37”]

“Do More of the Same!” [2’22”]

“Don’t Rush into Anything!” [2’02”]