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Dare We Laugh at Our Selves? | 1-Day Workshop | Sun 28 Jan 2024

Do you find laughing at an aspect of yourself helpful in overcoming difficulties and resolving problems? Would you like to learn more about using humour in different settings to help activate change in a safe way? Do you know your different sub-personalities and have figured out which may have become […]

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“Humour can challenge, provoke, inspire, amuse, act as a balm in complex relationships, stimulate epiphanies, and more, all leading to increased happiness for individuals and groups”.

Cartoon by Liz Kneen, with kind permission of Arnold Brown.

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For many years Dr. Brian Kaplan and Hephzibah Kaplan have been offering a range of practical and fun workshops using creativity and humour. Both have extensive experience delivering workshops nationally and internationally and enjoy meeting new people in different situations.

Brian and Hephzibah are keen to stress that while their considerable experience as healthcare professionals has informed their thinking and provided the necessary experience to work this way with people, they are not usually booked in their capacity as therapists to offer therapy to participants. They are offering a compelling learning experience that stimulates joy, creativity and happiness.

All the presentations and workshops clarify the guidelines for using this approach with fun and safety. They combine some Socratic teaching with art-making, pair work exercises and demonstrations. It is a high-energy experience and participants usually leave feeling elated (as evidenced by the feedback).

Depending on the location, they bring all the art materials and their button press so everyone can have a chance to make and design their own buttons. As creatives they enjoy the challenge of configuring new workshops to suit their various clients, so do feel free to ask them about anything!

Unsurprisingly they also have delivered many hours of workshops and seminars on Zoom!

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“The paradigm shift in such a short time is shockingly effective.”

Sam Margo

Previous themed workshops include:

  • ‘Dare We Laugh at Our Selves’ for the general public
  • ‘Dare We Laugh with Clients’ for coaches, therapists and healthcare professionals struggling with burnout and seeking new approaches to catalyse change.
  • Mental Health Awareness Weeks: How to utilise humour and creativity as useful tools for self-care and well-being.
  • Humour and Creativity for Team-bonding: dynamic activities to engage the team.
  • Radical Persuasion: Reverse Psychology in Advertising: provoking you to think differently.


Our colleagues are busy writing and forwarding various articles about humour, provocation and more.

Watch this space as we upload new articles to the coming blog section.


Sessions with Esther Perel

Hephzibah and Brian discuss the role of humour in therapy with the award-winning author and podcaster.

“Laughter is the very essence
of well-being!”

Arnold Brown

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