Neohumour is the use of humour to provoke personal growth and everyday happiness (always with the permission of the recipient).

Who is it for?

Anyone open to the idea of using their sense of humour to make them feel better about themselves.

That means everyone: Children, young people and adults who have a sense of humour and are robust enough to laugh about themselves.

Under what conditions?

Always with prior and explicit permission, the therapist or life coach offer warm-hearted provocative suJESTions always with affection in the heart and a twinkle in the eye for a set period of time e.g. 30 minutes. This is followed by a normal (non-provocative) conversation to talk about how you are feeling and what effect the process has had on you.

Giving permission for humour
to be used as a tool for personal growth
can be a fast-track route to
well-being and happiness.