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Dr. Brian Kaplan and Hephzibah Kaplan

Brian Kaplan qualified in medicine at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa in 1980. Since then he has spent many years training in whole-person approaches to health, well-being and personal development including counselling, psychotherapy, Voice Dialogue, Autogenic Training, Balint Groups, Family Constellation Work, clowning, improvisation, stand up comedy, art therapy, and more. Significant teachers and mentors include Dr. Eric Ledermann (existential medical philosopher), Frank Farrelly (founder of Provocative Therapy), Dr. Joseph H. Berke (psychoanalytic supervision), and Dr. John Rowan (Transpersonal psychotherapist and author). Based in London’s Harley Street for three decades, he has lectured and run seminars in the USA, India, Japan, Germany, Poland and South Africa.

Hephzibah Kaplan is a UK-trained art therapist, artist and transpersonal psychotherapy supervisor. She co-founded the London Art Therapy Centre in 2010 and is its director as well as senior art therapist, supervisor and educator. She has had broad and eclectic training in clinical approaches as well as in the various arts including art, drama, dance, clowning, Constellation Family work, and Autogenic Training – incorporating these modalities in her work with adults and children. Her clinical influences include Joseph H. Berke (psychoanalytic supervision), Frank Farrelly (founder of Provocative Therapy), Dr. John Rowan (Transpersonal psychotherapist) and Shaun McNiff (Professor of Expressive Arts Therapy). Hephzibah is a regular national and international teacher and workshop facilitator. Hephzibah’s art features on this site; some of it is available for sale, just email.

Brian and Hephzibah Kaplan have been interested in the relationship between health and humour for many years. Frequenters of stand up comedy, avid movie goers and their irrepressible instinct to use humour with people led to their meeting and training with Frank Farrelly.

Almost Happy, a self-help book for the general public, as well as a manual for coaches, counsellors and therapists was co-created by the Kaplans, emerging from their clinical work in using warm-hearted humour consciously and ethically to change people for the better.

Some Highlights on our Neohumour Journey

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The Neohumour site was created by Hephzibah Kaplan with additional writing and contributions from Brian Kaplan. Thank you very much to our colleagues and friends who have contributed articles, essays and interviews.

If you have any neohumour experiences to share, we would be happy to hear from you.

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